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PECB is dedicated to supporting its partners’ growth in today’s market by providing the necessary professional materials and services to help them thrive in the industry. With PECB, you gain access to industry-leading experts who can guide you toward success.

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Key PECB Partner Benefits

Key PECB Partner Benefits


As a testament to high standards and commitment to providing quality service to clients, PECB is accredited by a number of bodies and is a member of many professional organizations.

Reputation and Recognition

PECB's international recognition and broad market acceptance significantly boost partners' competitiveness and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the fiercely competitive environment.

Inspiring Community

Becoming a part of the PECB community means joining a vibrant and inspiring network, where professionals from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering collaboration, inspiration, and growth.

Business Growth

Collaborating with PECB not only drives increased profitability, but also provides access to invaluable resources and a great professional network. This places you in a strong position for sustained success.

Partnership Level Scheme

Experience a collaborative partnership built on mutual trust and support through PECB’s comprehensive Partner Program. With five strategically designed levels, our program structures partnerships and drives collective efforts towards shared goals. Join us today to unlock a world of mutual benefits and amplify our collective success.

Key Attributes of PECB Training Course Materials

Offered in multiple languages for wider accessibility

Training courses enriched with exercises, case studies, and quizzes

Learning manuals with study resources and test prep materials

Enhanced experience through the utilization of digital platforms and materials

Professionally designed and up-to-date materials

Continuous support throughout the learning process

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Your Questions Answered

Check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below for more information on becoming a partner with PECB. In case you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to the support team.

When selecting partners, PECB typically considers a range of criteria to ensure alignment with the organization's values and objectives. While the specific criteria and requirements may evolve over time, here are some common factors that PECB may consider when selecting partners: 

  • Expertise and Competence: PECB looks for partners with expertise and competence in the relevant field of certification. This includes having qualified auditors and trainers capable of effectively delivering PECB certification and training services. 
  • Geographic Reach: PECB may seek partners with a broad geographic reach to ensure the accessibility of their certification and training services to a wide range of organizations and individuals. 
  • Industry Experience: Partners with experience in specific industries or sectors may be preferred, especially when offering industry-specific certification services. 
  • Commitment to Quality: PECB expects partners to maintain the highest standards of quality in their certification and training services. 
  • Compliance with PECB Standards: Partners must adhere to PECB's standards and requirements for certification and training, ensuring consistency and alignment with PECB's values. 
  • Accreditation: PECB's accreditation by numerous reputable bodies and memberships in professional organizations demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards and delivering top-quality services to our clients. 
  • Reputation and Recognition: PECB's global recognition and widespread acceptance enhance our partners' competitiveness, equipping them with the tools needed to excel in a fiercely competitive market. 
  • Inspiring Community: Joining the PECB community means becoming part of a dynamic network where professionals from diverse backgrounds converge, fostering collaboration, inspiration, and personal growth. 
  • Business Growth: Collaboration with PECB not only drives increased profitability but also grants access to invaluable resources and an extensive professional network, positioning you for sustained success. 

PECB offers two options: 

  • You can let PECB organize the training, and they will provide the trainer. Click here to see the PECB trainers list. 
  • Alternatively, you have the flexibility to organize the training with your own trainer. If you wish to become a PECB trainer, you can find more information here. 

For any questions or further information, please feel free to contact us at  

Partners are expected to: 

  • Organize trainings, which includes tasks like recruiting participants, handling payments, and managing logistical aspects. 
  • Demonstrate commitment to protecting PECB and ISO's intellectual property. 
  • Provide an invigilator for independent supervision of exams. 
  • Operate under non-exclusive agreements with PECB. 

Global Industry Leaders Trust PECB’s Partners

Inspiring Testimonials of Success

Dive into the voices of our valued partners, resonating with authenticity, and discover firsthand how PECB’s partnership has enabled organizations to reach new heights of success and excellence.

Our strategic partnership with PECB has been an important source of professional growth for DQS HK. With established course materials and online exams, we can deliver training courses in an efficient way.

Peter Wong Director, DQS Hong Kong

KTMC has been partnering with PECB since 2014. This relationship has been the most strategic and impactful in the company's history, with many opportunities for personal growth, resulting in mastery of various management systems.

Jacob A. McLean Managing Director
Kaizen Training & Management
Consultants Limited

The partnership with PECB has strengthened our expertise and greatly contributed to our success, in delivering quality training courses in France and Africa, as a major player in the field of information security audit, consulting, and training.

Mohamed Abdou BELARBI Director
Mare Nostrum Advising Groupe

As a partner of PECB since 2017, we have witnessed and benefited from the continuous growth and value that this partnership has brought to our organization. PECB's commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our values, making this partnership a truly rewarding experience.

Ulrich Heun Managing Director

As the leading cybersecurity penetration testing firm in Asia Pacific, our collaboration with PECB has not only expanded the range of our training courses but has also strengthened our position as a prominent contender in the market. PECB's industry-leading training courses have elevated our capabilities, allowing us to provide unparalleled expertise to our clients from various industries.

Issabell Tang Bei Xin (Ms.) Presales Consultant
LGMS (LE Global)

Our company Business As Usual in Australia has been in partnership with PECB since 2012. Being able to offer our global Business Continuity, Risk Management, and Information Security consultancy clients with staff ISO certification opportunities has been a very welcome added value. Additionally, we have experienced consistent expansion and growth from PECB as an organization, supported by strong levels of customer service, professionalism, and innovation. We are very content with our partnership and look forward to a bright future with PECB.

Rinske Geerlings Founder and Principal
Business as Usual

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