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Pool of Auditors Platform

Are you seeking a solution to efficiently find qualified auditors and enhance your certification processes? Look no further. The PECB Pool of Auditors Platform is your gateway to:

Larger Pool of Qualified Auditors

The diverse selection ensures that you can easily find auditors that precisely match your specific requirements, speeding up your recruitment process and widening your options.

Streamlined Auditor Onboarding

The Pool of Auditors platform ensures all requirements are met. Advanced filters swiftly identify qualified auditors, saving time.

Guaranteed Quality Assurance

The Pool of Auditors’ staff conducts thorough background checks on auditors who have completed the CIMSA training course, verifying their experience, competencies, and certificates to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge for the tasks at hand.

Cost Savings

With access to a wider pool of auditors, you can discover competitive rates that align seamlessly with your budget, resulting in significant cost savings for your certification body.

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Step into Excellence:
Join the CIMSA Training Course

Join us for an immersive experience at the Certified IPC Management Systems Auditors (CIMSA) training program, where auditing professionals converge to redefine the future of management systems auditing.

This training program is your gateway to the latest industry trends, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities with peers and experts from around the globe.

What is CIMSA?

The Certified IPC Management Systems Auditor (CIMSA) is a training course tailored to instill expertise in ISO/IEC 17021-1, ISO 19011, and related standards, providing a comprehensive understanding of management system (MS) audit concepts.

From CMSA to CIMSA What Is New?

Transitioning from CMSA to CIMSA marks a significant milestone as it represents a commitment to fully embracing the IPC scheme, reinforcing our dedication to industry standards. Here is what is new:


With CIMSA, our accreditation level elevates to level 5, as certified by PECB. This recognition, endorsed by all Certification Bodies within the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), amplifies the global acceptance and legitimacy of the CIMSA credential.

Alignment with the IPC Scheme

The transition signifies a deeper integration of the IPC scheme into our training, examination, and the inclusion of a Personality Test as mandated by IPC requirements. This ensures greater credibility and adherence to international standards.

Why Become a Partner for CIMSA?

CIMSA meets all ISO/IEC 17024 requirements, ensuring auditors have the skills for effective audits across various domains.

CIMSA promotes a standardized approach, allowing auditors to conduct seamless audits across different sectors.

CIMSA provides general knowledge for auditing management systems, while CBs create custom modules to teach auditors their specific rules and processes, enhancing training relevance and effectiveness.

Collaboration with PECB allows CBs to organize CIMSA training courses, contributing to auditor competency development through PECB Skills. This includes streamlined onboarding, access to a pool of qualified auditors, and enhanced competence through PECB Skills programs

Who Should Attend?

Joining CIMSA provides CBs and auditors with a framework for professional excellence and proficiency in management systems auditing.


The Pool of Auditors is a professional networking platform designed to connect certified auditors with organizations seeking qualified individuals for auditing services. It aims to facilitate the exchange of expertise, promote professional development, and enhance visibility within the auditing community.

To register as an Auditor follow these steps:

  • Visit the Auditor Registration Link: Navigate to the provided link to start the registration process.
  • Create an Account: Sign up for a new account on the registration page.
  • Complete Required Information: Fill in all the necessary details as requested on the form.

The Pool of Auditors is a free platform.

To become a partner of PoA, a Certification Body must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold accreditation as a certification body for management systems.
  • Sign a partnership agreement with PECB to formalize the collaboration.
  • Upon meeting these requirements, CBs can enroll their auditors in the CIMSA program, unlocking opportunities for professional growth and collaboration within the industry.

Lead Auditor training courses focus on specific management system standards, like ISO 9001, while the Certified IPC Management Systems Auditor (CIMSA) training course covers broader auditing principles outlined in ISO/IEC 17021-1 and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). CIMSA also offers insight into certification bodies' operations, aiding auditors in navigating audits effectively.

With CIMSA, our accreditation elevates to level 5, as certified by PECB. This recognition, endorsed by all Certification Bodies within the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), enhances the global acceptance and legitimacy of the CIMSA credential.

For more information and details regarding the Pool of Auditors platform, contact or Drop a Ticket.

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