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For Certification Bodies

Are you seeking a solution to efficiently find qualified auditors and enhance your certification processes? Look no further. The PECB Pool of Auditors Platform is your gateway to: 

The diverse selection ensures that you can easily find auditors that precisely match your specific requirements, speeding up your recruitment process and widening your options.

Our platform incorporates advanced filters and features that allow you to swiftly identify auditors who meet your prerequisites, saving you invaluable time and effort.

The elevated flexibility empowers you to seamlessly manage multiple audit projects simultaneously, optimizing your resource allocation.

We ensure that our pool of auditors comprises reputable professionals who have successfully completed the CMSA 3.0 training program. This ensures the integrity of your certification program and the superior quality of audits performed.

With access to a wider pool of auditors, you can discover competitive rates that align seamlessly with your budget, resulting in significant cost savings for your certification body.

For Auditors

Auditors, your path to professional growth and success begins here. By completing our updated CMSA training course, you gain exclusive entry into our Pool of Auditors Platform, offering a gateway to unparalleled opportunities:

Showcase your skills and experience to certification bodies on the lookout for qualified auditors.

As a member of the Pool of Auditors, you're exposed to a wide array of auditing assignments spanning diverse industries and geographical locations.

Tap into a vibrant network of professionals for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and career growth.

Certification Bodies and Auditors

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Your Questions Answered

Explore our FAQ for answers on enrollment, navigation, and more. Streamline your learning journey with quick solutions for a smooth experience on our platform.

to register as an Auditor, please visit this link: Auditor Registration, create an account, and complete the required information. If you're interested in joining as a Certification Body, follow this link: Certification Body Registration, create an account, and provide the necessary information.

To be eligible to join the pool of auditors platform, auditors should meet the following criteria:

- Successful Completion of the updated CMSA Training Course
- Successful Completion of the updated CMSA Exam
- Successful completion of the Behavioral Exam

For more information and details regarding the Pool of Auditors platform, contact our customer service at 

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